Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let Us Unite Like The Best Generations,the Salaf..

Where is the Ummah?

When I was alone,i always thinked..where is the Ummah of Islam?Ohw my brothers and all of you..please be one Aqeedah..Following Allah and Rasulullah by the Salaf Knowledge..

Because of love..we say the truth..just because the love..can you feel it?Ibn Qayyim Az-Zaujiyah says..when there is love..we love everything that Allah loves and hate what Allah hates..Because of the love..the angel(malaikat),obey their oders..Each of us,we have 4 angels that guard front,back,side by side..because of Love Allah swt gives loves and Rahmat..

Come brothers and together,leave behind what is not teach in Islam and follow the right pathway..we be together again just like the Salaf,Rasulullah saw Sahabah,Tabien(followers),Tabiut Tabien(followers of the followers)..Now..clean up our Aqeedah..and be together..just as strong as before..

For Once..choose the right path..the guidance are Kitabullah Al-Quran and As Sunnah..we love you Brothers and Sisters..we want to be together to clean up our Aqeedah..akhlak Salaf..Ukhwah Salaf..just like the Sahabah of Rasulullah..

Umar ibn al-Khattaab R.A said: There can be no Islam without unity, no unity without leadership, and no leadership without obedience.

I Love you..all of my Brothers and Sisters..Laila Hail Allah..unite..clean Our AqeeDah..FollOw Rasulullah saw..everyone of us is a Muslim..that Follow the best generations(Salafussoleh)..

Make Doa To Your Brothers and Sisters..What is our relations?We Are Brothers and Sisters..always brothers and Sisters..All Humans makes mistake..I make are you..all of us makes We Do Taubah..Surrender to Allah..and we Unite..come back to Islam..

The Prophet Had Said,

That this Ummah is like 1 body,If 1 part feeling pain.Then the rest should feel the same.If you do not,then you are not amongst this Ummah..every muslims are our brothers and sisters..all types of colours skin..the colours of Islam,whether you are white or not..if you are Muslims we are brothers and sisters..Straight up our together..

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