Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am a Solitary Girl..

Written by:Husna Ummu Jauharah at-Taqqiyah

I am a Solitary Girl...
Solitary means always be alone..
Yes,that is me..

I admit,People always say,
Husna she is always alone,
By her own...
Doing her own stuff,
Managing her life by herself..
all alone..
With the guidance from Allah..

That is why,
I do not have any 'Usrah',
I just do Ta'lim,
Sharing the Quran and Hadeeth,
With anyone that want to listen..

I am always in my room,
or in the mosque,
or go to class,

I always with my Quran and hadeeth books,
When I see people,
I spread Salam,
When people ask me for help,
I will try my best to help them..

Coz this is me..
The Solitary Girl..

In my everyday life,
I wake up in the morning,
Go to my class,
Then go to my 'Bookshop'...
Then to the mosque,
After 'asar,
Straightly,I go back to my room..
I will be with my roomate..

If possible,
I will cook,
Cook whatever that I could,
Do my washing,
Clean my room,
Read my books,
Finished my work,
Writting and sharing some words in my blog..

I do talk,
But my favourite is to talk about,
Islam..share the word of Allah,
That is written in Quran and hadeeth,
I talk and love to give advices,
Whoever that I meet,
I smile to them..

If in the Mosque..
Oh my sisters..
I love all of you..
I miss all of you,whenever I pray there..
To smile and share the knowledge of Islam..

And that is me,
The Solitary girl..